How much does it cost?

The basic price is 1800 CZK. The total price depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo, but also the length of preparation.

When do you have free dates?

I usually have free dates in 1-3 months. Sometimes the deadline is released sooner.

Can I pay by card?

No, but you can pay on the spot with a QR code.

Are you just tattooing your designs?

I also make tailor-made designs, but only if you have a concrete idea of ​​what the motive should look like and if it is within my power.

How old have you been tattooing?

I've been tattooing since I was 18. I tattoo younger ones only with the consent of my parent (legal guardian) and only smaller tattoos on less visible places on the body. Come to the tattoo with a parent or bring a signed Form for minors.

Can I drink alcohol before or after the tattoo?

No. Alcohol dilutes the blood and this causes more bleeding, which makes it harder for ink to enter the skin. This is why alcohol can affect the final appearance of the tattoo and can prolong healing.

Can I play sports after a tattoo?

Ideally not at least a week, but for smaller motifs it is possible. It also depends on the location.

Where do you tattoo?

I tattoo in Prague 3 in Žižkov. I will send the exact address when we make an appointment.

Do you sell vouchers?

Yes, you can buy it here.